Emilia is a 20 year old actor, writer, music maker, mover, facilitator and all round creative based in West London.

She trained at on the Certificate of Higher Education at East 15 Acting School in Southend-on-Sea from 2018-19 and has continued to expand her creative muscles on the Screen Acting Course at MN Academy since September 2020. 

Having grown up in the industry, she has experience in all aspects of the arts. With her parents both working as professional opera singers, Emilia spent many of her early years at the English National Opera's London Coliseum, where her mother sings full time in the chorus. 

At the age of 12, her visits to the beloved theatre became a little different, as she spent the following two years performing in the children's chorus of Jonathan Miller's production of Puccini's 'La Boheme'. 

Emilia has always had a passion for performing. She is a classically trained singer but also enjoys to dabble in the musical theatre, folk and even indie genres. 

Having spent many of her younger years sitting at the piano, Emilia has recently started to teach herself the guitar and ukulele, which she has combined with her love for singing.

In the past, Emilia has also played the violin, clarinet and the coolest instrument of all time; the steel pans. 

During her time at drama school, Emilia worked on a multitude of collaborative pieces of new writing, and is currently curating her own dark humoured one woman show, which is very very slowly coming together. For the last three years she has additionally been working as a drama teacher to children aged 2-15, which brings so much joy and has provided a new understanding of playfulness when it comes to facilitation and working collaboratively. 

Previous Classes & Coaching:  


Annual Drama Course

2007 -- 2016

Ealing Junior Music School

Youth Choir 

2010 -- 2016 

Questors Youth Theatre

2013 -- 2016

Pamela Howard’s School of Dance

Ballet, Character, Tap and Modern (Jazz and Lyrical) and Intermediate Foundation Pointe

2013 -- 2017

Fulham Dance Attic

Ballet and Jazz

2017 -- 2019

Singing Lessons


Emilia Hargreaves - Headshot 2019 by Fiona Canfield


Oaklands Primary School, London

Elthorne Park High School, London

Elthorne Park Sixth Form, London

East 15 Acting School, University of Essex, Southend-On-Sea