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Emilia is incredibly grateful to be represented by Rosalyn Bolton Management and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to learn and further her skills through creative projects.
Recent Updates:
  • Featured on Boundless Theatre's radio drama series 'Radio Elusia', as 'Georgia Kettler'.
  • Emilia has been a member of the Advisory Group for Boundless Theatre since 2018.
  •  Commissioned to create a 'Digital Happening' with the Boundless Advisory Group. The team Wrote, Produce and Coded  'U R NOT ALONE', an online immersive escape room.
    Digital Media project with Burnt Orange Theatre Company, based on research from Imperial College London surrounding the impact of Covid-19. The piece was rehearsed and produced via Zoom and screened at The BFI in July 2021. 
Boundless Happenings URNA Globe&Hands Feed 1080x1080.JPG
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