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My Go To Makeup Routines

I am not the hugest fan of makeup, but every now and then, after a long period of going bare faced, I do love to have a little face painting session.

In this day and age, I think makeup is such a unique art form, and it is such an amazing form of self expression. If whacking on a full face every day makes you happy, then by all means, go for it babe! If you want to go baby faced and naked, then that is just as empowering.

I would say that my face, in general, has three looks:

The Nakedness; a morning face wash and a smother of moisturiser. That's it. If you’re really lucky, maybe I'll brush my eyebrows into place. Usually my look if I want to give myself a little lie in one morning. Or if my skin happens to be glowing... A rare occurrence at the moment. Stress does not go well with my lumpy bumpy skin. This also can often be seen as my hungover or post surgery kind of look. Paired with PJ’s and greasy hair, I’d look like a monster - however, if you combine the fresh face with a cute little outfit, then bam! I’m channelling inner confidence and loving my natural beauty.

Next, The Chic Casual; a basic makeup routine. Obviously starting with the integral face wash (charcoal soap is giving me life at the moment and clearing my little zitsters in days), I tend to use YourGoodSkin moisturiser, followed by the incredible The Ordinary Primer. This product has been a favourite of mine for a while now because I know it holds my foundation. No odd orange outlines or patchy splurges over my particularly spotty areas. After letting the primer settle on my face, I like to use my silicon blender to cover my face in The Body Shop's Tea Tree Foundation. After a usually very aggressive setting powder session, I move on to the battle of my eyebrows. I have always hated my eyebrows. They just don't do anything. They sort of die out as they go along. So I fell in love with the Elf Eyebrow pencil. Pencil on one end, brush on the other. Genius idea. I have purchased this item three times in a row and use it daily. Then, I simply curl my eyelashes and apply the Clinique mascara (courtesy of my mother), and a dash of a nude lippy, Clinique again (Cheers Ma!) and I'm done!

And finally, The All Out , a full face. The Works. The Lot. Everything. You can smell the perfume from miles away and my highlight is so bright you can see me from miles off. Now let me just reiterate that I know NOTHING about beauty or makeup.. Nevertheless, on the very rare occasion that I decide to 'fully fleek', here's what I do:

Once the hair is dried and I am actually dressed, I am ready to rock and roll!

Here was the final look:

I really enjoyed pretending to be a professional make up artist and I think I genuinely managed to pull off making it look like I did actually know what I was doing.



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