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RuPaul’s drag Race UK; Season 1, Episode 1

After my tonsillectomy I stayed in bed for two weeks doing nothing but watching Drag Race. Although I only recently became a RuPaul fan, my drag knowledge is steadily growing. So here are my thoughts on the contestants of the first series of UK Drag Race!

Even the opening titles got me emotional. People have been waiting for this for so long… IT’S FINALLY HERE! And to judge the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent of these lovely ladies this week: Michelle Visage, the absolute queen, who is now performing and doing incredibly well on Strictly Come Dancing this year. Which I am obsessed with! Alan Carr, who is just so camp and cuddly he is almost a teddy bear. And Andrew freaking Gardfield. Wearing a really cute pair of flares.

Looks This Week:

1) Queen Of Your Hometown

2) Queen Elizabeth Realness


Was a bit worried when she entered as she made me feel a little awkward , but I loved her honest comedy and her use of words like "tuppence". You would not get anything like that in American Drag! Her first look was fantastic, and I really could see her as Amy Winehouse, but she let herself down with her second look which more than anything, was just basic. It was cutesy. Nothing awful. There just could've been more.


First of all, her accent is adorable so she already has big points from me. Loved her fairytale like makeup but the ostrich feathers in her first look just weren't for me. Her second look, I thought was stunning. And such a creative idea. Her makeup worked well with the structure of the pound coin around her head, but her blown flow skirt made her look like a quality street.


"Any hole is a goal", completely agree with you there babe. After living in Southend for a year, I feel like I know the Essex girl look quite well, and Cheryl hit the nail on the head with her first look. The splodgy orange tan stains on her white dress were particularly resonating with me. But like Baga, Cheryl's second look let her down, it was just basic. Nothing wrong with it. And that's okay, but this is Drag Race Baby. Basic won't cut.


Mad respect to this Queen. Carrying 10 Kilograms of pearls on your head is one mighty achievement. I am a big fan of the cockney, East London style jacket in her first look. Something I would wear myself. And her second look was pure sex. Military dominatrix for sure. She has clearly thought everything through on this look.


I like her. As soon as we meet this queen we can see that she is the combination of old school and modern drag. In her intro she straight up gives us some sass and I love that. I feel like she won't be afraid to be a bitch. Her first look, with trumpets on her boobs and her huge hair is giving me Bake-o-lite Woman from Wallace and Gromit vibes. Looking regally sultry in her second look, I am moderately impressed.


Almost the same age as me, and making me feel like I've done nothing with my life except make a blog. Loved the outfit she entered in. I got other-worldly extra terrestrial vibes from her neon purple, sparkly tracksuit. I felt a little awkward during her photo shoot and I found her first runway look a little underwhelming. And her second look was, I felt quite basic pageant. Also, I hate to say it but she was walking so nervously and it affected her overall performance.


Definitely a bold one. The thick platform trainers that she came out in were certainly eye catching. Now, not only is this queen the same age as me... She is also not gay. Just something interesting to consider. It made me chuckle to watch this queen doing her eyebrows with a Pritt Stick. That is the most British Drag thing ever. I thought the first look was gorgeous. The patchwork on the jacket and the fairylike aura that she gave off was just right. Her second look as Baby Queen was just a bit too overdramatic to me. The outfit was fab though.


Okay, I already love her. The name is just perfect. Her first outfit was a shocker, as she came out wearing a nose ring bigger than my hand and huge horns coming out of her head. Her second look was comedic and classy and I loved the idea. Making herself into the British stamp we all know and love, and then writing 'Lick Me' on the back was just brilliant. I think Sum Ting Wong is going to go far in this competition.


This bitch is fierce. She knows she's going places and won't let anyone tell her otherwise. Having said that, I felt that her first look was basically a par of matching Christmas pyjamas. I adored her second outfit though. She has perfectly mastered the makeup along with the walk and posture of the queen. But she worse flats twice. Not On.


Loved her entrance. I think her humour will get her through. Didn't really know what I was looking at during the first runway. Some sort of snake? A blue intestine? No, the River Thames. And, although she did look lovely, was she wrapped in a picnic blanket in her second look?

All these queens are so incredibly talented, and there is a lot of pressure on them. But the judges (and I) are going to be incredibly harsh on them. It is so great to see that our lord and saviour RuPaul is having a good time here in the UK. And it is so great that drag is becoming more and more appreciated around the world.

So without further ado,

Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best woman win!

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